Discharge – Realities Of War (EP)

The fact that hardcore punk bands are absolutely foundamental to their influence on the subsequent advent of ‘hard’ heavy metal there are no doubts. One of the most important band of hardcore scene was the Discharge. They formed in 1977, in the middle of the punk era, at Stoke-On-Trent, England. The band was influenced by Sex Pistols and Damned but, when they signed for Clay Records, the band changed the sound. Thanks to Mike Stone, the first 7″ four-pieces album , become the calling card of the band outside Stoke.

Realities of War (EP) is is a quite simple record, made with a rough technique and with typical recording methods of the 70s. However the power and the fury are the real strength of the work.
All record is an endless wall of sound, hardly notice the detachment between a song and the other how fast are. In this ambient find life social anger and youthful honesty in denouncing what is wrong.

The album was distributed by Stone a little by street a little in his shop, and in a short time entered in In Sound Indie Chart, this fact showed that street punk was a far cry from what was believed.

The history of Discharge has unfolded up to the present day, including reunions and innumerable formation changes to which it is really difficult to keep up, but mostly with progressive moves towards the real metal, up to the recent signing with Nuclear Blast. The best, however, was probably given by 1982 album Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing, but Realities of War was and remains a shining example of what boiled up in the cauldron of the extreme, before the explosion of a little later and of hybridization with our world that, fortunately, has produced more than an excellent result.


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